Pro Merita Learning Centre

Pro Merita offers a half-day, BC Ministry of Education accredited educational program for students in Grade 4-12.  Our goal for 17 years has been to provide the opportunity for motivated students to pursue their dreams, while completing their full academic requirements.


Your well-established institute was of immense and immeasurable support from day one & throughout my high school years. The Pro Merita professional team were all so helpful and I am grateful to all of them.

Aram Noorouzian


Make Learning a Positive Experience

We exist to make each student academically and emotionally successful.

Graduates from the Learning Centre have gone on to post secondary programs in Canada, the US and Internationally.

They have been recipients of scholarships and awards for academic achievements and in recognition of outstanding sport/art performances.


Supporting Student Excellence

We celebrate supporting students that are passionate about extra-curricular activities – tennis, hockey, dance, music, gymnastics or any other intensive training activity

Pro Merita students have individual learning paths that are responsive to the changing and spontaneous needs of artists/athletes who are training and competing at a high level.


English Tutoring


Math & Science Tutoring


English & Social Studies

Pro Merita was beneficial in helping me stay organized and on track with my academics . The teachers were very accommodating with my busy schedule and the communication when I was travelling took away a lot of stress for me . I highly recommend Sarah & her staff to all busy athletes.

Connor Bedard

I am so thankful for the years I spent at Pro Merita. It was an opportunity for me to come together with like-minded people in an environment that helped me build independence while the best teachers were there helping me along the way.

Aine Miller

Pro Merita has always worked with each student as an individual to help them achieve their personal goals both as students and as athletes without compromise. we recommend Pro Merita to those who are seeking a caring, student-centric educational community.

The Valk Family


Education that Inspires

Pro Merita Students are given support to achieve to the best of their ability.

Studies are structured to address areas needing special attention and accelerated in areas where students display strengths in learning.

Each student has a individual learning plan that is shaped to fit their specific needs.

Key Approaches

Supporting Success

It is most frequently lack of community support and access to resources that prevent a student from excelling in their chosen field of endeavour.

We seek to establish an educational community where differences and excellence are honoured and where non-conformity is the “norm.”

Peer engagement is a critical factor in the development of the whole person; positive peer engagement will ensure the most favourable environment for growth and learning.

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Key Approaches

Affirming Family Life

The roots of an individuals’ development of positive self-esteem are found in family life.

Most high performance students and families make sacrifices in the very arena that ensures a student’s positive core development.

Pro Merita places the family at the centre of the health, well-being and education of the child.

To this end, our educational and enrichment programs provide the flexibility that ensures the family is “priority one!”

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Key Approaches


No one training group can serve the needs of every high performance student. Nor can a single school or teacher provide full exposure to all sport/performing arts/music forms in a manner that connects to all.

The relationship built between a student and her/his coach/instructor/teacher is too important to the development of the student, and a critical factor in their success.

Pro Merita celebrates diversity and welcomes the opportunity to support the efforts of all extracurricular teachers & organizations.

It is through the combined efforts of a whole community that the success of the individual student is found.

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Key Approaches

Holistic Education

Providing the tools and resources the next generation needs in order to positively contribute to our community and beyond, requires more than literacy and numeracy.

We are committed to providing a full range of learning experiences to equip our students to be informed and successful leaders in the world of sport, performing arts and music. Understanding how students learn best is a field that is explored in depth by leading experts in education around the world.

Pro Merita is keenly interested in embracing positive changes to the educational paradigm that places students and their families at the centre of defining educational paths.

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Whole Life Learning

At Pro Merita, we understand that learning occurs outside the classroom as much as inside.

Experience that is gained through competition and engagement provides a wider worldview which helps foster a deeper understanding of yourself and others.

Pro Merita provides a flexible learning structure that allows this process of whole learning to flourish.

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